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The Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof System

The Roof System That Pays For Itself!

Foam Roof System

A sprayed polyurethane foam roof system(SPF) is one of the most energy efficient and green roof systems available commercially today. The SPF roof is truly the only "renewable" roof system. Some of the additional advantages of the SPF roof system include:

Overview Of An SPF Roof Application

Polyurethane Roof System
Wet Vac

The application of the sprayed polyurethane foam roof system begins with the proper preparation of your existing roof surface or substrate.

Bare Foam

After the roof surface is properly prepared, the specified thickness of sprayed polyurethane foam is applied. During this phase, roof drainage can be corrected or improved by tapering the polyurethane foam during application.

Base Coat

After completion of the polyurethane foam application, a first layer or "base coat" of protective coating is applied to the entire surface of the polyurethane foam.

Top Coat

Finally the second layer or "top coat" of protective coating and ceramic granules are applied over the base coat to provide a durable, long-lasting surface for your new roof system.

Finished Roof

The result is a long-lasting, durable, highly insulated roof system backed by one of the best warranties available today.

Contact Urethane Marketing Services LLC today to schedule your no-cost or building envelope evaluation and let us show you how higher insulation values can increase your reroofing cost payback and how the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam system can pay for itself!

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