Spray Foam Roof Restoration

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The Roof Restoration System

If your roof and building do not require additional thermal insulation, the ROOF
RESTORATION process may be Roof Restorationan ideal economic solution to eliminate roof leaks as well as reducing the interior temperature of your building through the use of waterproof, reflective roof coatings. Some of the additional advantages of a ROOF RESTORATION system include:

Overview Of A Roof Restoration System

Roof System

The ROOF RESTORATION process can be applied over virtually any type of existing smooth surfaced roof systems including, standing seam metal, EPDM, PVC, hypalon, modified bitumen, smooth surfaced built-up roofs and others.

Roof Inspection

The ROOF RESTORATION process begins with a careful inspection of the existing roof system. Any required repairs to the existing roof system are made and the surface of the roof is then cleaned using a high-pressure wash. Specific preparation based on the roof system type is done and is then followed by the application of a primer to ensure proper adhesion of the restoration coating.

Waterproof Coating

The final steps of the ROOF RESTORATION process includes the application of two to three layers of waterproof, reflective coating designed to protect your building from moisture infiltration and provide a reflective roof surface to extend the service life of the roof system and reduce interior building temperatures.

Finished Roof

The result is a long-lasting, waterproof, highly reflective roof system backed by a superior warranty.

If you would like further information on this roof system or would like to schedule a no-cost roof inspection, please click on the link below.

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